Malarkey Not Served Here

I saw that the Unemployment rate has dropped to 9%. For a long time, I was part of that statistic but when I was, I never really thought about the numbers. I had to keep my head down and everyday dig deep to keep doing what I had to do to get a job.

When I saw that rate all I could think about is all the people who make up that number. Now that I’ve got a job, I not only had the mindset where I could take a moment and think about what that number means but there was no way I couldn’t.

I love a statistic as much as the next geek (and I can use that word because I am one) but the problem with statistics is that when there is a collection of data that data could be people.

I am not going to give the old pep talk about keeping your chin up and all that malarkey. If you are in this nightmare, and it is a nightmare, you know what you have to do.

I do understand what you’re going through and it sucks. If it’s 1% or 100%, if you’re part of that data it sucks. Not much else that I’ve been like in my life has sucked more. And that’s no Malarkey.

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