I live about 2 hours from Atlantic City. In my past life, when I had a job and some extra cash, my husband and I would go to Atlantic City for the day and take a certain amount of money to gamble with and when it was gone, we’d leave.

Sometimes we’d lose enough to be invited back and have a room comp’ed to us. It was fun to get away for a night. Any time I can get near the ocean I’m a happy girl.

I saw a commercial the other night for Atlantic City and I got to thinking about those trips we used to make. It made me think how friends used to call my husband and I “DINKs” which stood for Double Income, No Kids.

I wondered to myself, what are we now? Well, we are One Income, No Kids or “OINKs”.

And I think after the week we’ve had with the snow, the no job leads for 2 weeks, that about says it all.


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