We Interrupt This Blog To Bring You This Public Service Announcement

I have just become aware of an item that is going to change my life and I am writing this blog entry for all those people in the throes of winter who were also, until now, unawares.

I have a hard time wearing mittens or gloves because I can’t seem to do anything while wearing them. I can’t pump gas, find my keys in my purse or text. Therefore, I am constantly taking them off and what is the point of even leaving the house with them if I’m not going to be able to function while wearing them? My hands are constantly cold. Wonder why.

The other day my friend Mary Anne came over and she had these funky looking mittens on and I asked her about them and she gave me a full demonstration. I was so happy! Since then, I’ve mentioned these to some other friends and they knew about them from the hunters in their lives. I’m not a hunter, but I was a-hunting for these new-fangled winter accessories!

And today I purchased a pair of “glomitts”. What they are are fingerless gloves with a mitten hood that slips back over the fingers to keep your fingers warm and protected. The hood part is attached by Velcro. I love them and want everyone to know about them! (A picture is attached for your reference.)

I got mine at REI for $18. They are also called “convertible mittens” at some other online shopping locations.

So now my fingers are warm and toasty. The better to blog you with my dears . . .

(We’d like to thank the official photographer of this blog, my husband, who was complaining earlier about not getting paid for his artistic contributions to this blog.)

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