Tasteful Dreams

Hopefully you have some wonderful dreams, both those that appear seemingly out of nowhere in the dark of night and those you consciously create in your waking hours. Many of our dreams will remain just that, thoughts that we conjure up from time to time to take ourselves out of our current situation and into one that provides a much-needed break from reality.

But what about the dreams that become reality? What happens to that aspiration the day it receives its wings and no longer lives inside you but is now of the world? You worked so hard to get to that point, hours of planning and execution, and all the fears and doubts you’ve had to overcome to make it happen now stand with you, watching your dream take flight. What a sweet moment.

And then you notice the unexpected taste of bitter.

It can be difficult to let go of something you poured your heart and soul into. But I’ve never had a bitter taste last long and there is always a delicious meal, or dream, right around the corner. Indulge.

Bon appedream!


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