The Home Of The Brave

Whenever I see a military person, I go up to them and thank them for their service and sacrifice. As you know, an airport is an opportunity to see many of our brave heroes. I always wonder if they’re headed home or in the other direction and I always hope it’s the former.

I was in Atlanta this week for work and as I made my way to grab a taxi I saw a USO stand, all decked out in red, white and blue and an equally patriotic-dressed woman as well as a bunch of other folks. There were military people all over Atlanta’s airport and as they exited the gate area into baggage claim where the USO booth was, the USO lady and the other people all began clapping. The USO lady approached the serviceperson and offered a handshake, words of appreciation and concern, and sometimes, if welcomed, a hug.

It was an emotional sight and I teared up instantly. I wondered if this is something I could get involved with in my airport. I wondered if the USO lady had someone in the service at one time or even now.

I had a meeting and needed to find a cab, but I doubled back and stood with the other people and joined them in greeting some of the people who keep us safe and keep us free as they exited the gate area.

I don’t know where they were heading but I hope it was home. I more than hope, I pray.

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