The RAV4 Triangle

I am a very organized person. My house is organized, my office at work is organized. I don’t have a lot of stuff in my purse and I am extremely picky about my car and keeping it clean and clutter-free.

Sometimes, I will admit, I lose things though and I believe it’s even more frustrating for someone who is organized because everything has a place and should be in it. Should.

I recently lost a business card holder which I was convinced was accidentally returned with a torn tote bag I had just bought. I had carefully gone through the tote before its return and so had my husband at my request. I realized a few days later that I couldn’t find my business card holder. I looked in my suitcase and my briefcase and had no luck. I didn’t remember seeing it since I took the bag back.

Today I arrived at the New Jersey Shore for the Easter weekend with my mom. As I was unloading the car at my hotel, I saw the business card holder under my car seat. Along with an eyeglass cloth that was also missing. Obviously they came out of my purse somehow.

I can’t tell you how many things I’ve lost and then found under my car seat. My husband calls it the “Black Hole”. I call it the RAV4 Triangle. But neither is really accurate. It’s more like this car that I love (click HERE to read more about my love affair with my car) somehow gathers the things I misplace and returns them to me as a gift or an offering of sorts. Can’t find the ring I took off because it was bothering me? Can’t find my sunglasses? All I have to do is look under my car seat and there are my missing items, given back to me by my buddy, my car.

By the way, RAV4 Triangle, I can’t find the million dollars I misplaced. Anytime you want to return that to me, that’d be GREAT!

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