Didn’t I Used To Type Up Your Marketing Plans 20 Years Ago?

On my flight home the other day from another business trip, I saw a manager of mine from 20+ years ago. I saw him as I was boarding — he was already in his seat — and we caught up once we landed as we walked to our cars.

We talked about our jobs and our families and I realized that the first meeting I ever planned was when I worked for this man and now here I am doing it as my career. His son, who I know as a little boy, is now a 26-year-old married man with a goatee. What what??? This man traveled a lot when I worked for him and now 20 years later he’s still on planes every week.

It was great to see him after 20 years. It’s been a nostalgic week between the TV Land Awards (click HERE for that post) then seeing my old manager. When I worked for him, I was a 20-something single woman living in an apartment, working as a Marketing Assistant. Today I am a 40-something (God that hurts) married woman of 18 1/2 years (yes the 1/2 counts and God that hurts more), a homeowner, working as a Meeting Planner.

I wonder how it felt for him to see me? Men and women think different (NEWS FLASH!) so maybe he hasn’t thought of our meeting since we hugged goodbye. If I see him again I’ll have to ask him. I just hope it doesn’t take another 20 years because if it does, neither one of us will even remember each other!

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