Two Hot Dogs Keeping Their Cool

They say that most couples fight about sex and money. We have neither so we don’t argue about those two subjects. What we do disagree about are a few things that come up over and over again. For 26 years.

One of the regulars, although seasonal, is air conditioners. Ours is not the common dispute over temperature but of the actual units themselves. We live in a hundred-year-old house and do not have central air conditioning. So every summer we install a window unit in our bedroom and one in our downstairs living area.

It got hot here almost overnight and it is already unbearable. My husband texted me the other day saying we should put the a/c in. I ignored him as in my mind it’s way too soon. What happens is that once we put the units in, he wants to run them even when the weather doesn’t require it. Also, we have such a short period of time to enjoy having our bedroom window open between winter and summer, and that’s no longer possible once the air conditioner is installed.

Today it was so hot I honestly was beside myself. I kept telling myself, as sweat rolled down my back, that I had drawn a line in the sand and from said mark I could not budge. I am, after all, a Taurus. But I am also 51 years old and melting into a puddle on principle is a war waged best by the young. And to his credit my husband said not one word when I went to unpack the bedroom unit.

Turns out there’s more than one old dog in this house who can learn a new trick.

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