All Aboard 2019

Sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room, I paged through a magazine more out of habit than the ability to see to read it. A large, bold title, “Death By Yogurt” caught my eye and I showed it to my husband, joking that this was obviously an issue for the visually impaired. Well, at least the headings.

He said, “You don’t eat yogurt anymore.” I had just been thinking earlier that morning that I need to get back to the dairy protein as my daily breakfast, instead of my carbs and coffee.“I need to get back on that train,” I said to him, “but I lost my ticket. I’ve lost all my tickets.”

“Well, you better find them,” he replied, in a smiling version of tough love.

He wasn’t telling me anything I didn’t know. Fall trips led right into the holidays and if there’s ever a time to lose track of your regimen, November and December are it. Professional plans, projects at home and daily routines are discarded without a thought. The days and weeks blur together until you find yourself on January 2nd, standing on the platform that is your normal life, barely remembering which trains are yours let alone where you left your boarding pass somewhere around the time you made your Thanksgiving grocery list.

It’s time to get our paperwork in order and get organized for the year not ahead, but here. I’m going to spend the next few days reacquainting myself with my trains and their schedules and come next Monday morning, when they leave their stations, I will be onboard. I’ve got places to go in 2019 and so do you.

By the way, I’ll leave a magazine on the seat for you. Just look for the LARGE, BOLD titles.


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