Gray Matter

If you’ve ever filled out an online application for a job, you know the questions to expect while applying for a position. Normally with these online applications, there are questions they require you answer and some that are optional.

I have no intention of moving at this point in my life, so any jobs I find are in my area. However, one question I see all the time on applications is “Are you willing to relocate?”. Yes or No. And this is ALWAYS a required question.

You never know what kind of filtering goes on behind the scenes after you submit your application. Does the computer whip through your answers and lump you into the “possible” or “impossible” category? If you say “No” to relocating, does that automatically make you “impossible”? And yet I really do make every attempt to be honest so why say “Yes” to relocation if I am not open to it? Would it be so hard to include an option of “Not applicable”?

As in life, the job search is not black or white. There is an awful lot of gray matter in between. I’m hoping there’s some gray matter left in this ole brain of mine once this job search is over. But it’s not looking too good.

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