Learning About Reflection

They say there is no learning without reflection. Ever since the shock of my vision loss wore off, I began to assess myself, my existence and the meaning of life. You know, the little stuff. And although I may have figured some things out and have grown and healed because of it, I can honestly say I spend a good amount of time each day reflecting on things I have heard or experienced myself. My desire to build a new life has forced me to consider and evaluate everything I was and all that I am now. This blog shares what I consider and, yes, what I have learned.

I certainly don’t have all the answers but when you’ve gone through something like I have, the fact that I started asking the questions taught me one of my first lessons after the loss of my sight and maybe the one thing I absolutely know for sure: LIFE GOES ON.

The second thing I have learned a lot about is a little thing called irony. I can’t see myself very well in the mirror, but never has there been more reflection in my life.


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